Themed & Imaginative Play

Imaginative Play opens up new worlds of possibility and fun – every child should have the chance to let their imagination run wild.

Children live in a world of make-believe, delight, and daydreams – that’s why Commercial Play offers only the best in themed play equipment. Enrich your PE curriculum and make break times even more exciting with our wide array of Imaginative Play equipment, including Castles, Forts, Trains and Tractors, Planes, Boats and Ships, Cars, Tanks, and so much more.

If their imagination can dream it up, we can design it.

Choose from our range of ‘off the shelf’ playground options or allow us to create bespoke designs specifically for your students’ needs and the dimensions of your space.

Commercial ship wooden themed play
Adventure Ship

What are the characteristics
of Imaginative Play?

If you’ve ever watched little ones playing, you’ve seen the complex and often highly organised rules and stories that emerge during their Imaginative Play. They’re negotiating the world around them and mimicking both familiar and unfamiliar events.

Imaginative Play allows children to explore role-playing, encouraging them to re-enact social and familial contexts with a splash of fantasy and make-believe. By trying on these different roles, they come to understand how society functions. Some common examples include playing ‘house,’ ‘classroom,’ ‘castle,’ and ‘factory.’

Their imaginations really take off when they have playground equipment that complements their games and scenarios.

Themed play icon

The Commercial Play team loves to create play customised structures perfect for your school, park or play area, all in a rainbow of colour options. Take your playground equipment to the next level with slides, nets, and swings to suit all budgets and dimensions.

Your students will have so much fun building self-confidence and social skills that they won’t realise how much they’re learning!

Wooden play fort for children in playground

How does Imaginative Play benefit a child?

Imaginative Play challenges children’s imagination and fosters creative and free-thinking development.

Commercial Play customised playground equipment encourages children to work together during imaginative play, building their decision-making capabilities and boosting cooperation. With a solid foundation of freedom and play, these skills benefit kids in later life.

Commercial Play’s themed play landscapes encourage kids to go on extraordinary adventures that challenge their minds and build their social skills.

Commercial wooden canyon play area

Our playgrounds allow children to think for themselves, encourage them to take turns, help them negotiate their environment, and inspire them to create their own games and fantasy worlds.

We’re happy to walk you through all of your choices, and design bespoke creations specifically for your landscape and students’ needs.

To find out more about our themed play options, get in touch with our expert team today.

Langley tavern built in timber

Connected Play Unit with Slide

Pirate ship themed play built with wood

Mega Ship

Why is Imaginative Play important?

Imaginative Play boosts self-confidence and allows children to truly be themselves.

It allows them to take on new roles, try out risky ideas, and explore boundaries, all in a safe space.

Most importantly, it also recognises that different age groups have different needs. That’s why we offer ‘off the shelf’ themed play equipment for all ages, from the smallest little ones to more adventurous older kids.

Choose from castles, forts, and towers for EYFS ages through to more challenging units for older children.

Speak to our Commercial Play experts

We’re always on hand to talk you through all of the options so you can decide on the right option for your new outdoor play area.

To find out more about our themed play options, get in touch with our expert team today.