Agility Trails - Low Level

Ropes, Walls, Climbers

Combination Trails

Commercial Play Equipment encourages PSHE+C Skills

Physical Development and Physical Play engages children’s movements to improve overall strength and provide interesting and engaging challenges to overcome.

Physical challenges, including climbing, balancing, and hand eye co-ordination, give children a chance to test their limits and build their strength and self-confidence.

Agility Trails, Trim Trails, Obstacle Courses, Assault Course, Climbing Frames, Play Frames, Play Towers, Log Climbers, Swings, Nest Swing, Baby Swings, Traverse Walls.

Commercial Play - We’re Experts in Playground Design 

We offer a wide range of Agility Trails, Combination Trails, Low Level Trim Trails, High Level Trim Trails, Climbers, Nest Swings and Bespoke designed wooden equipment. 

Our Sales Team help you design your outdoor playground to suit all Key Stages and SEN needs.