MUGAS, Sports & Outdoor Gym Equipment

Every child can benefit from a varied range of outdoor gym equipment - Commercial Play can help.

Sport and physical fitness are essential parts of the school playground and park experience, encouraging children to get active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Commercial Play offers a complete range of outdoor gym equipment and sports solutions, from re-lining and marking tarmac sports courts to creating completely new Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) for all sizes and budgets.

In addition to our outdoor gym equipment and fitness stations, we also offer an array of sports and playground equipment, such as active playground markings and activities that encourage children to create their own exercises. Our playground equipment promotes physical development, allowing every child to move at their own pace and skill level.

MUGA: (Multi Use Games Areas)


MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas) are innovative and dynamic play areas that allow children to develop their functional movement skills. Your students can play a huge variety of games on a fully customised MUGA at your school. Commercial Play offers MUGAs surfaced with 2G, 3G, 4G and polymeric surfaces, and we can build bespoke enclosures to keep kids safe.

Our solutions

Children playing on outdoor gym equipment for schools and parks

We offer a wide range of solutions, such as Outdoor Gym Equipment, Fitness Stations, Football & Netball Markings, Courts and pitches, Daily Mile Tracks and Paths, MUGAs and 3G Sand Infill Surfacing, Active Playground Markings, and so much more.

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Outdoor Gym Equipment

Commercial Play creates functional and sturdy outdoor gym equipment for all kinds of public spaces and playgrounds. We install our custom gym equipment at schools, hospitals, council estates, and community gardens.

With all of the benefits of an indoor gym, our outdoor gym equipment can work different muscle groups, challenging your mind, body, and endurance. Enjoy the fresh air while you engage in strength training, cardiovascular workouts, balance and flexibility.

Outdoor gym equipment for schools and parks

Outdoor Fitness

Spacesaver Outdoor Steel Multi-Gym

Our outdoor fitness stations allow you to get a great work out as you explore a public garden, schoolyard, or wilderness trail.

We can fully customise our modular designs for different age groups and physical abilities, and create something suited to your space’s unique character.

Football and
Netball Markings

Everyone loves to play a fun game of football or netball. Say goodbye to unclear zones and hello to exciting footie matches that will enrich your PE curriculum and make break times a blast.

We can customise your football and netball markings to suit your school property and mix things up with different coloured lines.

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Courts and Pitches

Basketball Court

Give your students access to a whole world of games and sport with our court and pitch markings. Expand your PE curriculum with netball, basketball, tennis, cricket, football, futsal, rounders, or tennis - we can transform hard surfaces into safe places to play.

Tennis ball on corner of sports pitch
A wide range of sports markings

Make the most of your space with a multi-court option for playing futsal, netball and basketball in one pitch.

Daily Mile Tracks and Paths

Are you looking for running tracks designed for the Daily Mile initiative?

Commercial Play can customise running tracks and paths for your space, incorporating your existing playground set up or developing entirely new paths. If you have more room to work with, we can help you plan an all-purpose, all-weather track on your existing grass or compacted soil.

We use a porous rubber mulch or rubber gravel mix that makes running fun and safe for Daily Mile runners of all ages.

3G Sand Infill Surfacing

Do you want to create the ideal sports pitch or play area at your school?

3G artificial grass and 3G sand infill surfacing are amongst the most popular options across the UK, particularly for high-impact sports, such as running and rugby.

With our 3G sand infill surfacing, we can help you create a long-lasting and durable pitch that will protect your players’ joints and prevent accidents and injury.

Corner of synthetic football field
Running track for atheletes

Daily Mile Tracks
and Paths

Our Commercial Play team loves to create vibrant and colourful playground markings that encourage creative play and brighten up your outdoor space. Better still, we use specific thermoplastic materials that last up to ten times longer than paint.

Choose from our standard options or allow us to create bespoke designs specifically for your needs.

Some of our most popular playground markings include letters and numbers, hopscotch, fun games, grids, mazes, animals, and roadways.

What would your students enjoy the most? We can make it happen.

Bespoke Outdoor
Gym Equipment

Commercial Play is delighted to design bespoke solutions for our clients, such as Long Jumps with added covers and safety features, and Bespoke MUGAs that incorporate a range of Goals, Basketball hoops, Ball Walls, and much more.

Our products and designs are perfect for areas where space is limited, ensuring that no child misses out on an exciting and active sports experience.

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