SEN Playground Equipment

Every child deserves to play, regardless of their abilities.

Our SEN Playground Equipment caters to everyone’s needs and allows kids to flourish and grow.

Children of all abilities love to play, imagine, and test their limits. That’s why Commercial Play specialises in integrated, inclusive sport and play products that suit all ages, special needs, and ability levels.

Our SEN Playground Equipment range incorporates sheltered areas, outdoor classrooms, sensory zones, play equipment and safe surfacing to create supportive environments for learning both in and around the school environment.

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What is SEN Playground Equipment?

SEN Playground Equipment combines free play with structured activities, boosting kids’ confidence and letting their imaginations run wild.

We offer a wide range of SEN equipment that helps improve social skills and offers ever-important sensory stimulation for all needs.

Coloured canopies with reflective shadows ideal for Sensory areas Sensory Canopy
Commercial Play's colourful sensory playground gazebo
Sensory Gazebo

The right playground equipment can foster prolonged concentration, open up the door for make-believe, and foster social interaction. It can also include sensory play for some age groups and ability levels, such as water and sand tables.

Our SEN range incorporates sight, sound, and touch to improve motor skills and build self-confidence.

Inclusive swing

Inclusive Swing

Pull up outdoor SEN equipment

Pull Up

Rope nest swing

Rope Nest Swing

Scramble and Slide play area

Scramble and Slide

Commercial Play's colourful sensory playground gazebo

Sensory Gazebo

Rubber Basket Swing

Rubber Basket Swing

Childrens roundabout with seat

Inclusive Roundabout

Young children having fun, sliding down a slide from a themed and imaginative playground

Pull Up

Rope nest swing

Rope Nest Swing

Why is SEN Playground Equipment so Important?

Wheelchair roundabout
Wheelchair Roundabout

Every child deserves a place to play, no matter what their ability level or specific needs.

We want every special needs child to feel comfortable, accepted, and welcome on the playground. With strong links to multiple special schools and academies, our range of inclusive play equipment caters for all special needs requirements and abilities.

When kids have the right playground equipment, the results can be astounding.

Children learn to play better with others and get excited about trying new things.

When they’ve had a satisfying experience at break time, they return to the classroom invigorated and ready to learn.

When children play better, they learn better. Get in touch with our expert team for a custom quote - we can make your dream games area


Ashley Sullivan - Hitherfield Primary School:

"I am very pleased with the work carried out by Commercial play. We asked for a canopy to be installed outside one of our classrooms in order for the pupils to use the space all year round, the structure is everything we had hoped for and more! Nigel was extremely helpful all the way through the process and always on hand to answer any queries we had!"

Commercial Play believes that every child has the right to play on their own terms

We’ve consulted with SEN experts, educators, and parents, and tested our products with the children themselves to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Children of all ability levels enjoy and benefit from free flow physical play and outdoor exercise, and teachers find it helpful and therapeutic.

Our SEN playground equipment is inclusive and designed with everyone’s needs in mind, encouraging socialisation, coordination, and cooperation.

It’s time to transform your outdoor space for everyone’s needs. We’re enthusiastic about helping you every step of the way.

Floor level trampoline

Our experts can help you choose from our existing products, or help you design bespoke playground equipment for your students’ needs – get in touch today.

SEN playground equipment

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