Pre School Outdoor Classrooms for
Forest Schools and Play Areas

Safe and beautiful outdoor classrooms for all ages

Commercial Play offers a wide range of Standard or Bespoke Pre School Designed timber outdoor classrooms and structures, perfect for a range of uses and applications. We can customise your structure with a wide range of options, from Timber or Polycarbonate roof coverings, half-walls or fully enclosed sides, windows, doors, decking or artificial grass interiors and seating.

Perfect for Early Years, Key Stage 1, 2 or Secondary students, our range of outdoor structures will provide the perfect natural environment for students to learn.

Customise your Outdoor Space

Commercial Play creates safe, affordable, and beautiful sheltered outdoor classroom areas for all of your needs. No matter what their ages, your students will love outdoor learning and playing in a Commercial Play classroom. Unleash each child’s creativity and sense of wonder with our thoughtfully designed outdoor structures to aid their teaching experience.

Browse our selection of outdoor wooden gazebos and playground shelters, available in standard configurations or bespoke designs. We can tailor each structure to your needs and the dimensions of your outdoor space.

Bespoke open gazebo with coloured poly
Bespoke Open Gazebo with coloured Polycarbonate

We can also customise your shelter with different polycarbonate roof options, including standard, bronze, and coloured sheet tints. You can further customise things with transferred graphics, such as school logos or bespoke graphics. Students’ eyes will light up as they see their local school logo or a beloved cartoon character on the side of your shelter.

Open mini gazebo

Open Decked Gazebo

Gazebo barn built with timber

Gazebo Barn

Open mini gazebo

Open Mini Gazebo

Outdoor Equipment for Forest Schools

Hezangonal gazebo, wooden built
Hexagonal Gazebo
Open mini gazebo, wooden built
Hexagonal Gazebo

Forest Schools are fast becoming one of the most popular alternative learning experiences, helping children to develop physical, social and emotional learning skills in a challenging and unexplored environment. Commercial Play offers a wide range of Forest School shelters and canopies, perfect for your learning environment.

Forest Schools place an emphasis on nature, and students learn outside no matter what the weather. As they say in Scandinavia, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing! With a Commercial Play outdoor shelter or canopy, the learning continues even in the rain, snow, or hail.

Commercial Play outdoor classrooms are a welcome alternative to traditional learning environments. Our entire range of lean-to Canopy Shelters, Standalone Canopies, Pergolas, and Timber Walkways allows children to learn about the outside world and explore their surroundings. They provide a place for your students to store their bags, eat their lunch, and continue lessons in the rain.

Playground Shade Sails

Playground Shade Sails are a great way to add shelter to an area where a standard canopy or shelter is not possible or practical. Keep little (and not so little) ones out of the hot sun and the pouring rain while you add visual interest to your playground. They offer great protection from the sun whilst providing a covered learning or play environment.

Best of all, they’re easily customisable with additional seating benches or planting boxes.

Playground Shade Sails
Playground Shade Sail

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