Playground Revolutionaries: How Commercial Play is Transforming School Playgrounds into Dream Destinations

playground revolutionaries

Imagine a playground that ignites imaginations, empowers all abilities, and becomes a cherished haven for every child. At Commercial Play, that’s not just a dream, it’s our daily mission.

Born from Passion: We emerged from the commercial and industrial world, but our hearts belonged to education. Recognising the need for captivating, bespoke play environments, we set out to revolutionise school playgrounds and sport solutions.

Beyond Ordinary: Forget cookie-cutter solutions. We delve deep, listening to your needs, observing your space, and crafting unique designs that fit your budget and timeline. No question is too small, no challenge too big. We understand – your focus is on nurturing young minds, and we’re here to empower that.

Our Arsenal of Awesome: From diverse surfacing options to innovative structures and endless design possibilities, we have the magic touch to transform any space. Each element is meticulously chosen, catering to children of all ages and abilities, fostering inclusivity and igniting imaginations.

Your Partner, Not Just a Vendor: We don’t just install equipment; we build relationships. We journey with you, returning for inspections and maintenance, ensuring your playground remains a safe, vibrant haven for years to come.

The Future is Inclusive: Our vision expands beyond traditional boundaries. We’re actively reaching out to SEN schools, crafting play areas that are welcoming, safe, and ignite the imaginations of every child.

hollies front cover
The Hollies School in Cardiff, a complete SEND playground makeover, including surfacing, play equipment, structures and markings

Ready to Join the Playground Revolution? We invite you to dream big. Share your vision, your challenges, your aspirations. We’re the passionate playground professionals ready to turn your dreams into reality, one amazing space at a time.

What sets us apart?

  • Bespoke solutions: No cookie-cutter designs, just unique playgrounds tailored to your school’s needs and budget.
  • Empathetic team: We listen, observe, and understand your challenges, working collaboratively to find solutions.
  • Inclusive focus: We champion play for all, creating spaces that cater to children of all abilities.
  • Long-term partnership: We don’t just install, we maintain and support, ensuring your playground thrives for years to come.
  • Passionate vision: We continuously innovate, expanding our offerings to empower SEN schools and build even more inclusive spaces.

Let’s unlock the magic of play together. Contact us today and discover how Commercial Play can transform your school and outdoor spaces into a dream destination for every child.

We cover the whole of the UK, with offices and teams based in the South and Midlands. We are always here to offer advice and ideas, we’ll be here when the time is right for you!