School Playground Maintenance

If you have a School playground on-site, playground maintenance should be one of your top priorities.

Are your School playgrounds and sports pitches looking worn out and tired? Perhaps they’re no longer meeting safety requirements, or they’re no longer exciting your students?

At Commercial Play, we’re the experts at refreshing and rejuvenating your worn or damaged sports and play areas. Our experienced team is happy to provide free site surveys to give you the price and logistics of all repairs and renovations.

It’s crucial that you keep your playground maintenance up to date so that you can keep your students safe and happy. Every child deserves a safe place to play!

  • Tarmac
  • Play Equipment
  • Sports Courts
  • Play Surfacing
  • Long Jumps
  • MUGAs
  • Drainage

How long does playground equipment last?

The answer to this common question depends entirely on the quality of the playground equipment in the first place.

It also varies based on how often playground maintenance has occurred over the years.

That’s why our playground equipment is rugged and hard-wearing, able to withstand even the most rambunctious kids.

A broken swing which can be repaired using our maintenance services

Play Equipment maintenace

Every set-up is different, but with regular playground maintenance, our timber and stainless steel equipment lasts for years.

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How often should playground equipment be inspected?

While there are no specific laws that mandate how often you should inspect your playground equipment; experts highly recommend that you do so on an annual basis.

The Health and Safety Executive, the Department for National Heritage and the Welsh Office, and the British Standards Institute all strongly advise that you hire an independent inspector to ensure your playground equipment meets all safety criteria, as per BSEN1176 regulations.

Our Commercial Play experts provide regular playground maintenance packages that ensure your outdoor gyms and playsets are always kept up to a high standard.

How often should playground equipment be replaced?

You should replace your playground equipment as soon as your inspector points out any faults or safety issues. In some cases, playground maintenance and repairs can fix the problem, while in other cases, you’ll need to replace the entire set-up.

If you see any worn or fraying ropes, splintered wood, buckling stainless steel, or any other visible safety concerns, contact us right away so we can keep your students safe.

With our help, you can maximise the lifespan of your sport and play areas.

From rotten or damaged posts, frayed nets and ropes, and worn safety surfacing to a complete rejuvenation of your sports pitch, we can breathe new life into your schoolyard or property.

Refreshed playground markings

Our team carries out every repair with the same care and attention as a full project.

We always ensure that each repair conforms to the BSEN1176 regulations, making repairs a great option where budgets are limited.

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