Pre School Play Equipment

Take your playground to the next level with Commercial Play’s Pre School Agility Trim Trails and Climbers.

At Commercial Play we offer a wide range of individual and/or combination trim trails for Key Stage 1 and 2. We also create fun safety surface options and challenging climbers for older age groups.

We’re always happy to tailor our active trim trails to suit your size requirements and budget with our bespoke CAD designs and visualisations. We work with you from start to finish to create a play area solution that’s perfect for your needs.

Low Level

High Level

Combination trails

Commercial Play Equipment encourages SEPD Skills

Physical Development engages children’s physical movements to not only improve overall strength but provide interesting and engaging challenges to overcome. Physical challenges, including climbing, balancing, and hand eye co-ordination, give kids a chance to test their limits and build their strength and self-confidence.

Our solutions

Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) sets the groundwork for the learning and development of kids up to the age of five. This is a pivotal time in a child’s development, which is why we offer a range of exciting and engaging EYFS trim trail, climbing and other playground equipment that nurtures and encourages children’s development.

Children on suspension bridge
Child climbing wooden agility trim trails

Outdoor playground equipment and activities are crucial to early years development. We offer a range of trim trail equipment to help build and strengthen a child’s physical, social, and mental development through a stimulating play environment and learning opportunities.

From agility trim trails and log climbers to nest swings, climbing frames and obstacle courses, they’ll have a blast while gaining important social and personal benefits.

Kids can strengthen their communication skills through play equipment such as sand pits, friendship houses, and play towers, perfect for schools, especially when you include outdoor classrooms.

These sites provide children with communal social areas where they can play with friends whilst engaging meaningful communication development.

Even more importantly, these can also be used to aid in the development of Social, Emotional & Personal Development Skills (SEPD).

For more information on how our fun and educational playgrounds can improve your site and build kids’ character and strength, get in touch with our expert team.

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