Here are some of the best Christmas games for SEND schools

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We’re all for creative play at Commercial Play, with the festive season here we wanted to share a few trusted ideas to help you keep your pupils engaged and playful!

Sensory games:

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  • Christmas play dough: This is a great activity for students who need to work on their fine motor skills. Provide students with play dough in a variety of Christmas colours, such as red, green, and white. Students can use the play dough to create Christmas decorations, such as ornaments, trees, and candy canes.
  • Christmas scented playdough: This is a fun variation of the traditional playdough activity. Add a few drops of Christmas-scented essential oil to the play dough before you give it to students. Students can enjoy the smell of the play dough while they create their Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas sensory bin: This is a great activity for students who need to work on their sensory processing skills. Fill a bin with a variety of Christmas-themed items, such as fake snow, pinecones, ornaments, and jingle bells. Students can explore the bin with their hands and feel the different textures. They can also smell the different scents, such as pine and cinnamon.

Creative games:

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For children that prefer focused play and working by themselves, these can be great fun…

  • Christmas card making: This is a fun and creative activity that students of all abilities can enjoy. Provide students with a variety of supplies, such as markers, crayons, glitter, and stickers. Students can use the supplies to create their own Christmas cards for their friends and family.
  • Christmas ornament decorating: This is another great activity for students who enjoy getting creative. Provide students with plain ornaments and a variety of decorating supplies, such as paint, markers, and glue. Students can use the supplies to decorate their ornaments with Christmas designs.
  • Christmas story writing: This is a fun activity for students who enjoy writing. Have students write a short story about Christmas. They can write about their favourite Christmas memories, their hopes for Christmas, or even a fictional Christmas story.

Active games:

Other games for pupils and adults who love to move and play in groups, these are a winner!

  • Sleigh toss game: This game is perfect for getting students up and moving. To play, divide students into two teams and give each team a sleigh (a frisbee or a piece of cardboard). Students take turns throwing the sleigh to their teammates, who must catch it with one hand. The first team to get their sleigh to the other end of the playing area wins.
  • Snowman freeze: This is a classic game that is always a hit with students. To play, put on some Christmas music and have students dance around the room. When the music stops, students must freeze in a snowman pose. The student who stays in the most creative pose for the longest time wins.
  • Christmas carol relay: This game is a fun way to get students moving and singing. To play, divide students into two teams and line them up opposite each other. Give each team a piece of paper with a Christmas carol on it. The first student on each team must run to the front of the line, sing one line of the carol, and then run back to their team. The next student in line then does the same thing. The first team to finish singing the entire carol wins.

These are just a few ideas for Christmas games that are perfect for SEND schools. We hope it gives you a few more ideas that will help students have a fun and festive holiday season.